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New Google Plus – No More Business Reviews?

By: admin16 | November 19, 2015


Is Google Plus Abandoning Business Reviews?

This morning we found that users are being moved to a super minimalist version of Google Plus.  One that doesn’t even display customer reviews, let alone allow you to write one.

When going to a Google Plus page you’ll most likely be presented with a message that says…

“Meet the new Google+ : Simpler, faster, better.  Preview it today.”

Visitors greeted with a "Meet the new Google+" overlay

If you click “Let’s Go” you’ll see a screen like this…


This super minimal screen has no place to leave reviews or even read them.  There’s virtually no interactivity at all.  The only things you can click on are the link to your website and people in your circle.

Perhaps it’s unfinished.  Perhaps they are planning to add functionality, but there appears to be virtually no information about this right now.  The only other article I’ve seen discussing this is from blumenthals.com and doesn’t tell us very much.

Internet Explorer and Mobile Users can’t roll back

You’ll notice a small link in the bottom left corner of the new screen that says “Back to Classic G+”.  If you click this link in Chrome or Firefox, you’ll be taken back to your old Google plus page.  However, in Internet Explorer 11 it doesn’t work.  You’re taken right back to the new screen.  Unsurprisingly, there isn’t even a link for this on mobile devices.

So Where Do We Send Customers to Write Reviews?

Google appears to have left a rather gaping hole in their services at this point.  Rolling back wont work for lots of people.  So where do you send someone to leave a review? There appear to be only a couple options at this point

Google Maps

Customers can still leave a review on Google Maps.  Though it’s not terribly convenient.


Google Search Results Page

There is also a place to leave a review when someone searches your company directly.


Things will Settle

Let’s not panic too much about this just yet.  It’s likely that the dust will settle soon and the way forward will present itself.  Perhaps Google will provide a front-end for Google My Business.  Perhaps they will further flush out the new Google Plus.  I guess we’ll just have to see…

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