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The Essence of a Successful Website

By: admin16 | December 11, 2014

A great website engages it’s audience, provides something of worth, and gives people reasons to keep coming back.

Engage Your Audience

There are many different ways to engage with your audience, but the best place to start is with content. Your website should deliver quality content to your audience.
Quality content often helps solve a problem or answer a question, though it can also be something entertaining. It could be an informational article, a diagram, a tutorial or anything else that may be of value to your visitors.

Think about what your audience wants, and what you can provide that would be valuable to them. Quality content resonates with people and encourages them to engage with you or your company.

Build a Social Community

Social media is a huge part of modern society, especially among teens and young adults (although there are plenty of grandmothers on facebook).

‘Viral’ Content

When someone shares an especially interesting video or article with their friends on facebook, and their friends find it interesting enough to share, and so on and so on, the result can be exponential sharing, which can quickly result in millions of people viewing the content in a short period of time. This kind of explosive sharing is refereed to as going “viral” because the pattern of distribution is similar to how a virus spreads (though viral videos are generally much less dangerous than their biological counterparts).

Most videos will never go “viral”, but you can significantly increase exposure to your videos and other content by utilizing facebook, twitter, and other social media outlets.

Getting Leads

When you do these things the right way, you build authority, trust and a relationship with your audience. This connection can get you leads. When the time comes you can ask for their name and email and benefit from the relationship you’ve established.

Track your Progress

Keep track of your website with an analytics services such as Google Analytics. This will help you know who is coming to your website and what they do when they get there. The information you can get from a website tracking system will help you track visitors to your website. It can also help you identify a website’s weak points that need improvement and it’s strong points that can be nurtured.

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